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If you wish to contact me directly, in private and not for publication, PLEASE USE THIS EMAIL.

If your inquiry is about work, or any kind of paid engagement, please contact Rob Aslett at Avalon Management. Their address is:

4a Exmoor Street
W10 6BD

And this is Avalon’s number: 020 7598 8000

3 thoughts on “Contact me

    • I’m afraid we have to think of it not as a permanent weekly experience but one like a TV series, that comes on air, then has a rest, then returns. It’s not dead. I am still in talks with UKTV, who produce it. I, too, am a Telly Addict. (I am also very busy at the moment, too, so bear with me and keep an eye on my blogs.) Thanks for caring.


  1. For what it is worth, you are a joy! I have loved every element of the show, adore the zen moments, and what is best, the shows you have given me are such a delight. Flea Bag and Versailles a treat. I’ve run out of adjectives. Keep busy, keep doing whatever you are doing, but please come back to the telly addicts when you can.


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