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My name is Andrew Collins. I am a professional hyphenate. I write, mostly, but also talk, on the radio, mostly, but also in a live capacity at screenings, Q&As and corporate events. I have a weekly show on Classic FM, Saturday Night at the Movies, on which I play two hours of film scores. It is a joy. I reviewed TV for the Guardian website for almost five years, under the same brand as this blog, Telly Addict (which was first used for a monthly column about TV in the sadly missed Word magazine).

For the record, my family appeared as contestants on the sadly missed Telly Addicts quiz show on BBC1 in 1990, when I was 25. We got through to the semi-finals, but were knocked out by the Allmans. I wore oversized white trainers on each occasion, and hooded, “Madchester”-style tops, except for the semi, where I wore an NME t-shirt. I was on the staff of the paper in 1990, and Noel Edmonds asked me with a merry sneer, “Is that still going?”

Anyway, the name of the show stuck.

My television scriptwriting credits include: Family Affairs (Channel 5, 1997-99), EastEnders (BBC One 1999-2001), Grass with Simon Day (BBC3, BBC2, 2003), Mumbai Calling (ITV, 2008), Not Going Out with Lee Mack (BBC One, 2006-11), Gates (Sky Living, 2012) and Common Ground (Sky Atlantic, 2012). My television script-editing credits include: The Persuasionists (BBC Two, 2010), Little Crackers (Sky1, 2011), Badults (BBC3, 2013-14), Man Down (Channel 4, 2013), and Drifters (E4, 2014). I was a Script Consultant on the successful film The Inbetweeners 2. On radio, I wrote two series of my own comedy Mr Blue Sky for Radio 4, 2011-12. I remain super proud of that.

My IMDb entry, which is remarkably accurate except for two acting credits that are not me, is here.

My Telly Addict reviews are all archived here. Everything I’ve written for the Guardian and the Observer, much of it about TV, but also film, is archived here.

My general blog, Never Knowingly Underwhelmed, which has been running since 2006, and these days mostly serves as an outlet for my toxic left-wing views (but also features some historical entries about TV), is here.

My “project” blog, The 143, an ongoing catalogue of my 143 favourite songs of all time (with no more than one entry per artist – I make the rules), is here.


7 thoughts on “And this is me

  1. Also very sorry to read you’re leaving the Guardian, but very happy to have found you here at least. Thanks for many great reviews and countless pointers. Will also read your toxic blog and listen no doubt with joy to your 143 tracks, being ex of Essex (now Germany) and roughly the same age.
    Your tweets link, by the way, to the right of this comment box seems to be broken.
    Look forward to your next blog entries. Add a few ads to click on so this site at least generates some income.

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  2. Andrew, thanks for Telly addict. We have enjoyed it at Guardian and I am sure will continue to do so here.

    Btw, have you considered setting up a Patreon account ( It probably won’t pay rent any time soon, but I am sure I am not the only one who’d love to say thanks with more than words.

    (I also happen to be a web developer so if you’d like help with your website, then please send me an email)

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  3. All that’s missing for me is a way to subscribe as while I’d like to check in on a regular basis and not miss a word, I have a habit of forgetting. If such a thing’s already set up, would you mind pointing the way? And if not, please do set it up (get Marko — above — to help, if needed).

    The Guardian made a mistake letting you go, by the way.


    • Thanks. Menu on the right, just below Recent Posts, button to follow the blog (which I hope means you get alerts?), or it should be.


  4. So good to find you here, Andrew. I have loved Telly Addict on the Guardian site and was feeling quite bereft at your departure. From your reviews I have discovered some great tv and am looking forward to The Detectorists which I’ve been given as dvds. Best of luck with the blog and thanks for all the reviews over the past 5 years – you will be missed.


  5. FFS Andrew, how can the Suits shitcan Telly Addicts? It beggars belief – the sum of the whole and all that. What a loss to the Graun. I’ll be following you here.


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