Zen arcade 2016

Behold, the promised Telly Addict: Zen Roundup of The Year! Officially Telly Addict #26, the 26th Telly Addict of my half-year contract with UKTV, who resurrected the show and treated it with care, attention, love, personnel, marketing and doughnuts during that allotted time – so a big thanks to all who sailed in her, not least Dave, Joel, Matt, Cherish and Justine (upstairs). It’s not over yet, but there will be a hiatus, during which I shall endeavour to maintain the blog, and with a prevailing wind and a bit of luck, the Telly Addict brand will continue in a modified form. You watch this space, and I’ll keep watching the glowing box in the corner of the room.

Rather than spoil the show, here are a few screengrabs in the traditional style that, I think, cumulatively say “the second half of 2016 in televisual terms”. If you want to ease our passage into the New Year, all comments, views, thumbs-ups, “likes” and shares either here, on YouTube, or on Twitter, will help make the case for its free-to-air return. There will be no crowdsourcing – I don’t feel comfortable begging for money – but where there’s an audience, there’s a way. If you haven’t watched all the 25 previous Telly Addicts yet, why not go back and do so: every hit helps. If you find a TA with a lowly view-total of around a thousand to 1,500 , give the runt a glance.

Thanks for watching thus far. See you on the other side.



18 thoughts on “Zen arcade 2016

  1. Thanks for a great half year! A weekly treat that then helps to determine what we watch on our own box. You’ll be missed on your hiatus but we’ll be here in Canada when you’re back.


  2. 109% excellent.
    1% lost for not pronouncing the ‘s’ at the end of Canal Plus – I think its a sort of French in-joke, against us Brits, that they pronounce the ‘s’ when they know they shouldn’t. I was hauled up for the same error while living in Lyon, and although I let it slip a couple of episodes ago, this was a plu too far. If, on the other hand, you are mocking the French mocking us then chapeau (as the French would say).


  3. Thanks for a very entertaining six months. After TA stopped on the guardian’s website I was really sad, so imagine my joy when I found out you were back. Hope to you see you again very soon.


  4. Thanks for an entertaining six months and have a good break. However, I hope it is not too long as that “other stuff” is not going away.


    • I hate that “other stuff”. I have actually stopped reading the newspapers as it’s making me depressed.

      By the way, hope you don’t mind me editing your comment to correct “entertaining.” I don’t like to play God, but thought you’d appreciate it!


  5. Oh dear, missed lots, but that means I have lots of lovely catching up to do… going to find where I left off and then go in the right order. Will do much thumbs-upping and liking as I go, though I’m afraid I’m neither a tweeter nor a facebooker.

    But wanted to wish you a merry Christmas first. Oh, and to say you are SO right about Ripper Street… I am bewitched!

    Here’s hoping 2017 brings better things than 2016, but I fear that may be a vain hope. Off to enjoy lots of Telly Addict on youtube now…


    • Nor am I a Facebooker. I respect and admire you for keeping off Twitter. I do wonder about it some days, but I have been involved in raising money for Cats Protection this year, and without Twitter it would have been a lot less successful, so I’m convinced it does have the power to do good, as well as spread hate and misinformation, which seems to be its number one function, sadly.

      Watching great telly, at home, in the warm, with loved ones, does seem to be a vital pleasure in these dark times.


  6. Thanks Andrew, great that TA was born again, and thanks to UK TV for their support. I hope more people discover or re-discover you here. A cracking year for TV, much needed to hide from the year’s madness. The Missing has to be my winner.


    • I was lucky to have five years at the Guardian, but I’ve loved working with a TV company, who treated me very well. I’m sure we’ll get the show back on the road in 2017, in some form. Thanks for your support.


  7. Dear Andrew

    Happy new year and thanks for getting back on the horse. We lost a lot in 2016 in real and metaphorical terms and one “win” was getting you back.

    As you are now on Netflix I would say to check out not in any order the following: Stranger Things (super kid cast, banging 80s soundtrack), Narcos (the best aid to learning profane Spanish, ever), and the OA (a great ripping ten part yarn). I hope you return refreshed and replete with recommendations in the new year. Cheers to Dave for sponsoring you.



  8. Watched the first ep of Stranger Things, enjoyed it, and, as with so much on Netflix, made a mental note to go back to it, once I’ve finished House of Cards and The Crown. That’s the joy, and downfall, of Netflix. Did the same to Ep1 of The OA, and again, it will have to be returned to at a later date. Intrigued, though.

    Keep an eye on the blog. I hope to come back sooner rather than later.


  9. Hi Andrew, I can genuinely say over recent years you’ve become a part of our week
    Every Sat my wife and I watch your 10 min videos and I make a list of all the shows we agree with you on…
    You’re more reliable and exciting than the Radio Times, but you know that 🙂
    We’re checking every week for your 2017 return, don’t be too long otherwise I’ll need to make the trip to WHSmith…


    • It’s a pleasure to hear your positive words, Steve. I’m currently writing a long blog entry for Telly Addict, and intend to write more while we all wait for the show to return. Keep checking in. I appreciate your patience.


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