Since last week’s Telly Addict, the hoo-hah about the Bake Off hit the fan. And the fans. Actually, I liked the way its BBC audience grew as if in an act of defiance (“We are going to watch the show even more! That’ll show Channel 4 and Love Productions!”), but the outlook is still grim. (Oh, and check the caption on the grab below.)


It’s all over, too, except without manhandling, for Parks & Recreation (Dave), which also switched channels in the UK, but found a fond permanent home for its latter seasons at Dave, and even though I have to admit the final season was a bit soppy – loads of hugging, plenty of learning – I devoured it hungrily all the same, until the plate was empty. On this Telly Addict, I present a masterclass in glancing to camera.


Also on Dave, it’s Dara O Brain with his massive briain! This time hosting Go 8 Bit, which is a big-hearted videogame show based around the universally acknowledged truth that games were better in the old days. The first episode, authoritatively co-helmed by games journalist Ellie Gibson, saw Susan Calman and David James throwing themselves all around the sofa-based set in the name of Tetris and Tekken.


BBC Scotland put together some preeminent talking heads for British Sitcom: 60 Years of Laughing at Ourselves (BBC Four) and the forgot to give their jobs in the captions. I ought to be a lot more bitter about the fact that the one successful mainstream sitcom I have been involved in was tossed off in a quick montage at the end, but 60 years is 60 years, and I’m proud to have made it into a footnote (albeit represented by a clip that I had no hand in writing – I did come up with the title!)


Joanna Lumley, who might as well just change her name to Joanna Luvley and be done with it, proved a briskly enthusiastic tour guide in Joanna Lumley’s Japan (ITV), a three-parter so full of breathless exclamations it ought to have an exclamation mark at the end of it. (Incidentally, if you think Joanna is being a bit of an air-miles Pollyanna, in Ep1 she does visit the contaminated site of the Fukushima nuclear accident, with a Geiger counter in hand, and in Ep2, which I have yet to see, she watches dolphins being slaughtered on a beach.)


And it’s safe to enjoy this beautiful cat from HBO whodunit The Night Of (Sky Atlantic) without fear of it giving away who the murderer is, or are.


Oh, and here’s a little DVD extra:

We, the Telly Addict crew, made a five-minute film at UKTV Live, the industry showcase that took place the other week at London’s BFI Southbank. It was nice to get out.


3 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. That short montage of P&R ‘looks to the camera’ had me grinning from ear to ear (though disappointed that there wasn’t an honourable nod to those of Donna Meagle (played by Retta), perhaps rarer but notable for her lack of subtlety when doing so). Phoebe Waller-Bridge is doing a good job of trying to maintain the presence of that move on screen in the excellent Fleabag, even though it is a programme with a very different tone.

    There are lots of new things starting this week, National Treasure, Paranoid, Conviction: Murder at the Station, the Conceptual Art season on BBC4, and so on. Are any going to be in the review for next week?

    Do you think Bake-Off will last much longer on Channel 4? Given that there is a one year hiatus so there won’t be a series next year, that at least Mel and Sue won’t be on, and possibly no Mary and Paul either, I wonder if people will have moved on and found something else to look forward to in that part of the autumn schedule by the time it comes back. It’ll be a real shame if so.


  2. I have National Treasure, Paranoid, and Conceptual Art down to review next week. Also, Richard E Grant on Ealing comedies.

    I don’t think Bake Off will work on Channel 4. It will only be 45 minutes long after the ads, which is too short to deal sensibly with 12 bakers. So they’ll either have to reduce the number of contestants or rattle through them at speed. (Also, you have to put in recaps after every ad-break and throw-forwards before them. There will be almost no time left for baking.)

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