After the fall


Saigon. Shit. Still only in Saigon. And with those blunt first words of dialogue in Apocalypse Now, which I saw for the first time in 1982 at the Northampton College of Further Education Film Society

. It’s on iPlayer for 24 days. Catch it before the last helicopter leaves.


One thought on “After the fall

  1. Completely agree, this was an excellent programme. But then, the Storyville stream is consistently excellent. What is noticeable is that it often features documentaries that have only just had a cinematic release (for example, the Janis Joplin documentary that was on a few weeks ago). I wonder if this harms box-office takings for those films, that many people guess that within a couple of weeks of the release date they will be able to watch it on television so don’t bother going to watch it at the cinema.

    There was a nice point made in the documentary about the famous photo of people climbing the ladder into the helicopter (used above in your article), and how it didn’t actually show what it is assumed to show (i.e. it’s not a photo of the roof of the embassy). Interesting to have a commentary on documentary accuracy within a documentary. I wonder if there was any similar not-quite-accurate interpretation of photos and testimony in making this one itself.


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